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说明:  這是一個求數獨遊戲的m-file 在matlab的命令窗口 鍵入>> sudo7 或者run sudo7 的m-file 之後在 9x9 的方格內 填入 數獨的問題 按下 "計算是否有解" 的功能鍵 若不是存在多組的解,則可以 按下 "顯示結果" 的功能鍵, 也可以載入作者測試的"date1"或"date2" 但不可載入及修改"condition"(This is a Sudoku game for the m-file in matlab command window type>> sudo7 or run sudo7 the m-file after the box in the 9x9 Sudoku Fill in the question of pressing the calculate whether the solvability feature key if it were not for the existence of multiple solutions, you can press the show results of the function keys can also be included in the authors test date1 or date2 but not loading and modification of condition )



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